PG&E Transmission Interconnection Handbooks

Table of Contents (PDF, 259 KB)
Introduction (PDF, 124 KB)
Glossary (PDF, 203 KB)
Update History (PDF, 89 KB)

Load Interconnection HandbookGeneration Interconnection Handbook
Section L1-D (PDF, 97 KB) Metering Requirements, DistributionSection G1 (PDF, 278 KB) Metering Requirements
Section L1-T (PDF, 485 KB) Metering Requirements, TransmissionSection G2 (PDF, 474 KB) Protection and Control Requirements
Section L2 (PDF, 131 KB) Protection and Control RequirementsSection G3 (PDF, 69 KB) Operation Requirements
Section L3 (PDF, 100 KB) Substation DesignSection G4 (PDF, 108 KB) Operating Procedures
Section L4 (PDF, 68 KB) Operating ProceduresSection G5 (PDF, 206 KB) Pre-Parallel Inspection
Section L5 (PDF, 94 KB) Pre-Energization Test ProceduresSection G6 (PDF, 40 KB) Siting Policy and Requirements


Appendix A (PDF, 26 KB)Contact List
Appendix DEngineering Numbered Documents
Appendix F (PDF, 692 KB)Telemetering and Transfer Trip
Appendix H (PDF, 19 KB)Power System Stabilizer
Appendix I (PDF, 601 KB)Load Operating Agreement
Appendix J (PDF, 251 KB)Standby Service Agreement
Appendix K (PDF, 19 KB)Load Special facilities Agreement
Appendix L (PDF, 796 KB)Interconnection Agreements for Generators
Appendix M (PDF, 24 KB)Interconnection Data Sheet
Appendix N (PDF, 36 KB)Generator Data Sheet
Appendix Q (PDF, 19 KB)Generator Automatic Synchronizers
Appendix R (PDF, 20 KB)Generator Protective Relay Requirements
Appendix S (PDF, 38 KB)Protection Alternatives for Various Generator Configurations
Appendix T (PDF, 16 KB)Battery Requirements for Interconnection to PG&E System

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