Appendix D - Engineering Numbered Documents

034851 (PDF, 298 KB)Steel Grating Type Switch Operating Platforms
055103 (PDF, 268 KB)Planning Guide for Single Customer Substations Served from Transmission Lines
058779 (PDF, 370 KB)Pole-Top Primary Metering Installation, Cluster Mounted (12 or 21 kV Line)
059659 (PDF, 359 KB)Property Fences and Gates
060559 (PDF, 366 KB)Disconnect Switches for Interconnection with Small Power Producers and Cogenerators
062143 (PDF, 2.1 MB)Installation Requirements for Time Metered Interruptible Service
063436 (PDF, 220 KB)Electric Revenue High-Voltage Metering
066195 (PDF, 1.4 MB)25kV Underarm Side-Break Switch, Manual and Automated
067910 (PDF, 750 KB)Grounding Requirements for Outdoor Electrical Substations
454092 (PDF, 629 KB)Signs, Nameplates and Supports for Transmission and Distribution Substations
2004PGM-11 (PDF, 157 KB)Technical Requirements for Electric Service Interconnection at Primary Distribution Voltages
TD-1006B-003 (PDF, 169 KB)Criteria for Installing Sectionalizing Switches for Tapping of Transmission Lines
G13079 (PDF, 242 KB)Application of Primary CTS and Dual Winding PT/CT Metering Units for Interconnection to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's System