Power Quality Notes

General Notes



Variable Frequency Drives


  • Publications (PDF, 34 KB)
    A list of Power Quality publications that may be of interest.
  • References (PDF, 16 KB)
    A list of reference books and articles on various power quality topics. This reference material may also be available at your local bookstore, library or online store.
  • Power Quality Standards (PDF, 17 KB)
    Standards and guidelines are continually being developed to help you interface sensitive electronic equipment with the real world and help you avoid power quality problems. This list is available for your reference.
  • Vendors and Manufacturers (PDF, 510 KB)
    A list of vendors and manufacturers of power quality equipment. PG&E does not endorse any vendor or manufacturer nor are these complete or accurate lists of all vendors and manufacturers.
  • Consultants (PDF, 37 KB)
    A list of power quality consultants. PG&E does not endorse any consultant nor is this a complete or accurate list of all consultants.