What is the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid is a modernized electric system that combines advanced communications and controls to create a responsive and resilient energy delivery network.

Through this transformation, PG&E can provide customers with safer, more reliable, more sustainable and more flexible energy services. The Smart Grid will optimize the service customers receive and empower them to make informed energy decisions.

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Why is the Smart Grid needed?

California’s massive electricity generation system produces more than 296,000 gigawatt hours each year. And since 1970, the number of households in California has almost doubled from 6.5 million to 12.5 million. With the ongoing growth in energy demand and electricity use, it’s becoming increasingly important for us to modernize the electric grid so we can manage our energy more efficiently. The current electric grid was originally designed for the way we used to use energy – basically a one-way communication that sends energy from the source to your home with the main purpose of powering our lights and a few devices. The current grid is also limited in how it can incorporate clean energy sources like wind and solar power. With more people using more electronics, we will need even more energy in the future. Which means becoming more efficient about how we use energy today.

Smart Grid Benefits

  • Customer Savings
    Customer Savings
    Customers will have access to more information and opportunities to save money by using less energy and using it when costs are lower.

  • Reliability
    Through improved monitoring and management technologies, the Smart Grid will self-heal by redirecting energy during power outages to provide more reliable service.

  • Efficiency
    Greater information and control over the grid will allow operators to draw energy supply from more efficient, renewable resources and optimize the grid assets.

  • Economic
    Improved reliability will benefit California’s industries. Green jobs from the new energy economy will help grow new opportunities in California.

  • Environmental
    The Smart Grid is necessary for the efficient integration of renewable energy, leading to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduced use of peak energy generators.

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SmartMeters™ and Smart Grid

  • "The first installment on a smarter grid will be smarter meters."

    —Time Magazine

    The Smart Grid will empower consumers to take charge of their energy use and respond to energy waste.

    —Nobel Prize Winner & Former Vice President Al Gore

SmartMeter™ & Smart Grid

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