Electric System

  • Current Grid Overview
    PG&E's electric system is designed to deliver safe, reliable energy to customers throughout Northern and Central California. PG&E produces or buys its energy from a mix of conventional and renewable generating sources, which travel through our electric transmission and distribution systems to reach customers.
Learn more about the way PG&E's electric grid operates with this interactive overview.

Upgrading the electric grid

PG&E is part of a nationwide effort to modernize the electric grid, which will ultimately create more efficient and reliable energy, cleaner energy and more green jobs.

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Customer benefits of the Smart Grid

The evolution to a Smart Grid is a vital step toward realizing California’s vision for a low-carbon, clean-energy economy. We believe it is a sound and wise investment for our customers, our economy and our environment.

The smart grid will benefit customers by:
  • Providing information to help customers reduce their electricity bill
  • Improving electricity reliability
  • Enhancing efficiency in electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • Supporting the integration of renewable resources such as wind and solar

The Challenge of the electric grid

The electricity you are using right now was generated less than a second ago. The amount of electricity put into the grid must always balance with the electricity being consumed. A Smarter Grid provides grid operators with advanced tools that allow enhanced knowledge of what the demand truly is.

With improved management tools, grid operators can quickly react to rapid changes in consumer demand by adjusting the electricity on the grid to match. Grid operators can also manage grid resources to account for variable generation of electricity, say from wind or solar.

These Smart Grid developments will allow Californians to benefit from greater energy reliability while also using more energy from renewable sources — a win for customers, the environment and all of California.

Grid Status

  • View charts showing today's grid status and see the role renewable energy plays today.

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