Cooling Centers

Get out of the Heat!

Fountain Family Exposure to extreme heat can be life threatening. Learn how to stay cool during hot weather.

What is a Cooling Center?

With the summer heat upon us, communities across the state are preparing to open cooling centers. On unusually hot summer days, a cooling center is a place where you and your family can go to cool off. The centers are often located in local government-run senior centers or neighborhood parks and recreation sites and are open to all. Typical locations include:

  • Community Centers
  • Fairgrounds
  • Public Buildings like a library

To find a designated cooling center near you, please use the locator, or view the list of cooling centers locations (PDF, 87 KB), or call PG&E's toll free cooling centers locator line 1-877-474-3266. For more information about cooling centers in your area, please contact your local city or county. Please note that hours and locations are subject to change.

Can I go to a Cooling Center?

Cooling center Yes. Cooling Centers are for everyone, especially those at risk of getting a heat-related illness:

  • Senior citizens
  • People with a medical condition
  • People with a disability
  • Infants and young children

Be Safe in the Heat!

Senior lady   • Stay hydrated
  • Go to a cool place like a mall or library
  • Plan ahead — Check the weather forecast

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