Get started today by finding a contractor

Follow These Three Steps

Here’s what you need to do to install a solar water heating system:
  • Step 1
    Find a Contractor
    In addition to assessing your hot water needs and determining the right system, your contractor is responsible for the installation.

    Tip: Get bids from different contactors, making sure the contractor you select has a current license and the details of the job are in writing before signing a contract.

  • Step 2
    Install your System
    Once your contractor has designed a system to meet your home's needs, they will arrange for any necessary permits and site inspections to complete the installation of your system.

    Tip: Talk to your contractor before installation about the timeline for completion. Installation generally takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the unique conditions of your system. Note that your city or county will need to do a final inspection and sign off on the permit.

  • Step 3
    Get your Rebate
    Your contractor will determine if you qualify for a rebate and the rebate amount. The contractor also generally handles the entire rebate application process, including submitting all necessary paperwork.

    Tip: The rebate amount will be paid in one lump sum payment after installation of the system. Talk to your contractor about deducting the rebate from your up-front costs to offer you immediate savings.


Is Solar Water Heating Right for Your Home?

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