PG&E’s Solar Choice Rate Calculator

This calculator provides the estimated additional monthly cost for participating in PG&E’s Solar Choice program. You’ll be able to see the estimated premium that you would pay based on your type of service and monthly electric usage. It’s helpful to have a PG&E energy statement available to figure out your monthly usage.

Rates are subject to change annually and as approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.


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DISCLAIMER: The estimated additional cost per month is for illustrative purposes only, and PG&E cannot guarantee the accuracy of the estimated cost. Your additional monthly cost for participating in PG&E's Solar Choice program will vary based on your actual electric usage. The estimated additional cost per month does not include other fees such as local utility user taxes, certain other taxes, surcharges and fees. PG&E's Solar Choice rate per kWh has been rounded to two decimal places for presentation purposes. See electric rate schedule E-GT for complete rates.

Detailed Historical and Current Rate Information

Want to understand how we arrive at your Solar Choice rate? The below table provides details for the various components that comprise your rate for the PG&E's Solar Choice and the Regional Solar Choice programs.
  • Information for the current program year is provided, as well as historical values, where available.
  • PG&E's Solar Choice rates are applied on a per kWh basis to either 50 percent or 100 percent of your usage, depending on your participation level. Regional Solar Choice rates are applied on a per kWh basis to the calendar month output of your subscribed portion of a Regional Solar Choice project. To understand more about the differences between these programs, please read more about Solar Choice programs for your home.
  • The Power Change Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) value differs by vintage year. Vintage year is based on the date that you begin service on PG&E’s Solar Choice program. If you begin service in the first six months of the calendar year (e.g. 2016), you are assigned the prior year’s vintage (i.e. 2015). If you begin service on or after July 1, you are assigned the vintage for the current year (2016 in this example). Historical values are provided for reference.
  • Bill Charge and Credit Descriptions can be found below the table.
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*This Solar Charge does not apply to Regional Solar Choice. Regional Solar Choice customers will be billed separately from the solar developer for their subscribed portion of the project according to the terms of their Customer-Developer Agreement
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PG&E's Solar Choice and Regional Solar Choice Bill Charge and Credit Descriptions

The Solar Charge is the cost of the renewable power. This is calculated as the weighted average cost of the resources serving the program. (This applies only to PG&E's Solar Choice program.)

The Program Charge is set to fund the program’s marketing and administration costs, provide a credit for the positive value that solar provides to the grid, as well as cover additional energy-related costs to ensure that non-participating customers do not fund the program.

This includes:
  • Costs associated with integrating the new renewable resources with the grid (Renewables Integration Charge). No value has yet been approved by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) for this.
  • State-level grid-management costs (California Independent System Operator, CAISO)
  • Costs for registering, tracking and retiring Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS)
  • Resource Adequacy (RA) costs to ensure that there are sufficient generating resources available for anticipated load, locally and on a system basis
  • A credit for the positive value that solar provides in delivering energy to the grid during peak hours (Solar Value Adjustment)
  • Marketing and administration costs

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is a CPUC-approved figure that ensures stranded generation costs are not shifted to non-participating customers when you switch to PG&E’s Solar Choice program.

The Generation Credit is a credit equal to the average generation rate for your customer class. This credit is to recognize that your renewable energy purchase displaces the charges for the generation portfolio associated with your base rate.

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