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This forecast averages temperatures in PG&E's territory, showing the probability of a SmartDay Event. The current trigger temperature is 98°. See FAQs for more information.

The SmartRate™ Add-on gives you a way to save big.

Electricity costs the most when demand is highest – during very hot weekdays, late Spring through early Fall. These high demand times are your opportunity to save.

SmartRate™ gives you a discount at 3¢ per kWh on your June through September monthly rate, or the equivalent of 23% off your Tier 1 usage. In exchange, you pay a surcharge of 60¢ per kWh for your 2-7PM usage for between 9 and 15 PG&E SmartDays™, May through October. With SmartRate automatic bill protection, your first summer is risk free.
PG&E will notify you the business day before a SmartDay by SMS text message, email, or the phone you provide to us, so you can use less electricity on the SmartDay, 2-7PM. It’s that simple. For existing SmartRate customers, please log in to your My Energy account to update your notification preferences. Haven't set up your My Energy account yet? Visit My Energy to enroll or use our SmartDay Event Notification Preferences page to update your information.

Try it Risk Free

Most customers will find it easy to save 20% off summer bills with SmartRate and shifting usage, but for newly enrolled customers, bill protection eliminates any possible risk.

Newly enrolled participants receive automatic bill protection for the first summer. If your total SmartRate summer bills are higher compared to your previous plan, PG&E will automatically credit you the difference on your November energy statement.

For your second summer on SmartRate, bill protection will not apply, but you will receive two reminders before your second summer begins, and you can opt out any time.

SmartRate and the

In California, very high temperatures between May and October create extraordinary demand for electricity.  Before programs like SmartRate, PG&E relied on buying more power outside the grid, often from inefficient plants that don't use clean-burning fuels or renewables like many PG&E plants.

With SmartRate, small changes in your routine—like shifting power-hungry activities to the morning or evening—will lower the demand on the grid, and minimize the need for "dirty" power from inefficient power plants.

Lastly, building additional power plants to address high demand for only a handful of hours a year is an extremely inefficient solution, raising the cost and the environment impact for everyone.
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Time of Use Plan

An alternative to the Tiered Base Plan and also available with SmartRate, the Time of Use Plan's pricing varies throughout the day, week, and season. This puts you in control.

Usage Analysis

Log in to My Energy to analyze your usage pattern against the various rate options. Learn which rate plan is best for you.

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