SmartAC™ Program for Renters

Whether you rent a house, townhome, condominium or apartment—or even if you rent the space for your business—you can participate in PG&E's SmartAC program. It's easy. It's free. And you’ll even earn a reward for participating.

By joining you'll be helping to prevent power interruptions in case of a local or state energy supply emergency. And, you probably won’t even notice when a SmartAC event day is called, most participants surveyed said they didn’t.

Plus, you'll also help protect the environment from harmful pollution by alleviating the need to utilize peaker power plants that would be operated only to satisfy occasional peaks in demand.


  • SmartAC technology is designed to work with central air conditioners or heat pumps in both residential and small business properties.
  • Anyone can participate regardless of whether you own or lease.
  • Window units or through-wall units are not eligible. SmartAC technology cannot be installed on evaporative coolers and window or wall units.
  • Life support and medical baseline customers do not qualify to participate.

We're here to help with questions the owner or property manager may have about SmartAC technology and how it interacts with AC equipment. Contact us at 1-866-908-4916.

Steps to Sign Up

  1. Download and print the Landlord Authorization Form (PDF, 48 KB).
  2. Ask your landlord to complete and sign the authorization form.
  3. Sign up online or call 1-866-908-4916.
  4. Give the signed authorization form to the PG&E installer who installs or activates your SmartAC device.

PG&E will install your SmartAC switch or SmartAC thermostat at no cost to you or the owner, and you'll automatically receive PG&E's unlimited technical support and customer services while participating in the program.


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    SmartAC Program benefits include:
    • Financial incentive after installation.
    • Maintain control over your comfort and participation.
    • Help prevent summer power interruptions while staying comfortable.
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SmartAC Tech Support

  • SmartAC Tech Support

    Contact your PG&E Account Representative or call PG&E at 1-866-908-4916 or email us.
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