The first step in achieving an energy-efficient home requires understanding where your energy is going. Is that 20-year-old refrigerator power hungry, or is it a matter of proper insulation? We've created the Home Energy Checkup to help you get answers. This tool lets you quickly learn ways to save that are personalized based on how you use energy. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your home and energy usage. Log in now, click on Home Energy Checkup, and learn ways to save energy and money. Click to login to Home Energy Checkup

Benefits of Home Energy Checkup

Understand Where Your Energy Goes by Taking a Self-Guided Online Assessment
Answer a few simple questions about your home and energy usage and you'll learn what areas of your home use the most energy – including heating, hot water, appliances, lighting and electronics.

Discover Simple Ways to Save
You'll see the top tips and suggestions for making your home more energy-efficient based on your answers. Click on each tip to learn why it’s important, read step-by-step instructions on how to take action and see estimates of how much you could save. You can also explore the Ideas & Advice tab for more energy saving tips -- many of which are low or no-cost -- by estimated savings, type, season and more.

Create a Personalized Energy Savings Plan
Add tips to your plan by selecting "I’ll do it." A checklist will then automatically be built in the "My Plan to Save" tab for your convenience. You can then you can track your progress as you complete different items.

Other Personalized Tools to Help You Save

Your My Energy account gives you access to a full set of interactive tools to help you understand and manage your energy usage. Find ways to save energy and money with tools like My Usage and My Rates.
My Usage The My Usage tool shows you how much energy you’re using and your energy costs so you can find ways to save. View and compare your usage by month, day, hour or even see how you compare with your neighbors.
My Rates The My Rates tool provides personalized rate analysis to estimate how your annual electric bills may change on different rates so you can see if there is a less expensive PG&E electric rate you can choose.
Looking to find ways to save for your business? The Business Energy Checkup  helps you find energy-saving ideas that can lower your business’s energy costs, and programs that offer financial incentives.