How Can I Control My Energy Use?

The SmartMeter™ system allows you to view your hourly electric and daily gas energy usage data. So now you can easily find out exactly how much energy you are using over the course of the day, week, or month—valuable information you can use to make smarter energy choices.

  • Track energy use online

    See your energy use by month, by day, by the hour.

  • Understand your electric charges

    Learn how your energy usage habits impact your bill.

  • Understand Your Energy Use
    Find out which of your appliances use the most energy.
  • Energy Alerts
    Get notified by email, text message or phone when your electric use is moving toward a higher-cost tier.

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Reading Your SmartMeter™

Energy Saivng Tips

  • Energy Saving Tips

    Try these energy saving tips to reduce your energy use and save money.

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How it Works

SmartMeter™ & Smart Grid

  • SmartMeter & SmartGrid

    Learn how the two are working together to power a brighter future.

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