How SmartMeter™ Connects Us to the Smart Grid

SmartMeter™ is the Beginning

SmartMeter™ technology is the cornerstone of the smart grid that will modernize the electrical system to be stronger, smarter and more efficient. The SmartMeter™ program provides the first benefits of the smart grid to customers by empowering them to understand and reduce their energy use and monthly costs. They are the gateway to increased energy efficiency and integrated renewable energy sources, while supporting a new generation of intelligent appliances and plug-in electric vehicles that will benefit customers.

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How Does This Lead to Smart Grid?

SmartMeters™ are also the first step in a larger Smart Grid effort that is driving a new green technology industry in California. There is no one single idea or technology that will get us to the Smart Grid in one fell swoop. Rather, it’s a series of small steps and incremental advancements. It may seem like a lot, but in a decade, we’ll all be shocked at how far we’ve come. The actions we take now are in preparation for technologies and developments we haven’t yet fathomed. The Smart Grid will help us keep pace.

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SmartMeter™ FAQ

Smart Grid is the Future

  • Upgrading our customers to the SmartMeter™ system is the crucial first step in enabling the Smart Grid

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Pricing Plans

Independent Safety Review

  • "There is no evidence that additional standards are needed to protect the public from smart meters."

    CCST is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit corporation

    Source: CCST report on Health Impact of Smart Meters