SmartMeter™ FAQ and Help

How the SmartMeter™ system works and what it can do for you

What is the SmartMeter™ System?
The SmartMeter™ system collects electric and natural gas usage data from your home or business. SmartMeter™ electric meters record residential electric usage hourly and commercial electric usage in 15 minute increments. SmartMeter™ natural gas modules attached to gas meters record gas usage daily. This data is periodically transmitted to us via a secure wireless communication network.

How can I opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program?
If you are a residential customer, we offer several convenient ways for you to opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program:

  • Online: Visit the SmartMeter Opt-Out page to learn more and to submit your meter preference online.
  • At your local PG&E office: You may submit your opt-out request by visiting your local PG&E office.
  • By phone: Call our dedicated 24-hour SmartMeter™ line at 1-866-743-0263 to use our automated phone system, or speak to a SmartMeter™ representative to submit your opt-out request.

How is Privacy and my SmartMeter™ Data managed?
Protecting our customers' information is a top priority. PG&E applies the same privacy protection standards to all data collected by the company from customers including the usage data collected by the SmartMeter™ system. We treat each customer's personal information and data as confidential, consistent with all regulatory requirements, including those established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). See PG&E's Customer Information Privacy Policy.

How do Radio Frequency (RF) concerns relate to SmartMeter™ Devices?
PG&E uses wireless radios attached to an electric meter to send customer usage information securely and wirelessly with its SmartMeter™ devices to PG&E for data collection. This technology allows our customers to better manage their energy consumption. For more information, see the Understanding Radio Frequency page.

Can the SmartMeter™ system help control my costs?
The SmartMeter™ system lets you track your energy use anytime throughout the month, so you can make smart decisions and control your energy costs.

Is the SmartMeter™ system available to all PG&E customers?
SmartMeters™ are available to all PG&E customers. Most PG&E customers will have SmartMeters™ installed in 2012. Some of our residential customers have chosen to opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program in favor of analog meters.

Will it make meter reading more convenient?
The SmartMeter™ system will allow PG&E to read your meter without setting foot on your property and without interrupting your schedule.

Will it help pinpoint power outages?
In the future, the SmartMeter™ program will help us improve your service by giving us the ability to pinpoint power outages and restore your power faster.

Will installation disrupt my schedule?
You do not need to be present for the upgrade, but we will need unobstructed access to the meter(s). And going forward, we'll collect your meter readings without setting foot on your property.

How long does it take to install the SmartMeter™ device?
It takes less than 15 minutes to install the SmartMeter™ device. The upgrade will take place during regular business hours and in most cases will take about five minutes.

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  • "There is no evidence that additional standards are needed to protect the public from smart meters."

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