Outage Map

  • Outage Map
    View electrical outages in PG&E’s service territory by city, county or zip code. See number of outages, with cause, status, start time of outage, and estimated time of restoration. Map updates every 15 minutes.


Planned Outages

See future planned electric outages that may affect you.

  • View list of future planned outages in your area
  • What is a planned outage
  • Report an Outage

    See how and when to report an outage, and where to call to check status and estimated time of restoration.

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    PG&E's Preparation and Response

    Learn about how PG&E is working year-round to prevent power outages, improve the system, and continuously train its employees to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

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    Personalized Outage Status

    First Responders

    • Firefighter

      If you are an authorized first responder, you can get access to resources, training and gas pipeline maps.

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    • An Energy Evolution
    • My Rate Analysis
    • Diversity and Inclusion