Download your energy data

Responding to the challenge issued by the White House in Fall 2011, PG&E launched Green Button, which enables customers to download personalized energy usage data through PG&E's secure website, My Energy.

What is Green Button Download My Data?

  • Green Button Download My Data

    Customers can access the last 13 months of their electric usage data through Green Button Download My Data.

How do I access Green Button Download My Data?

Customers need to have an online account and an electric SmartMeter™ connected to the network.

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    Go to the Save Energy & Money tab and select The Green Button from the navigation menu

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    Select the Green Button icon and select your download format.

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    Download the file and use the file yourself or send it to a third-party service provider.



Standards and Samples

  • Customers may provide their energy usage data to third-party service providers and developers via Green Button Download My Data (xml or csv file) or through Green Button Connect My Data (Beta) (ESPI standard file). Below we have provided a sample file for each of the downloadable formats.

    XML Sample

    CSV Sample

    NAESB Standards

    NIST Green Button Initiative

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