PG&E Food Service Technology Center

Serving Up The Best In Energy Efficiency Consulting Services Since 1987

The PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) provides nationally-recognized energy efficiency consulting services to the commercial food service industry.

Restaurant owners and operators, institutional food service providers, cooking equipment manufacturers and kitchen designers rely on the FSTC to provide unbiased, comprehensive information about energy use and efficiency.

Operated under contract to PG&E, the center provides an array of services to the industry, including:
  • Kitchen equipment test reports, allowing customers to objectively compare the performance of cooking and food preparation equipment.
  • Design consultation services, helping business owners design and specify equipment for their food service operations for maximum efficiency.
  • On-site facility surveys, culminating in a list of recommended actions to cut energy use and costs.
  • Educational seminars covering all aspects of energy performance in commercial kitchens.
  • Equipment testing services to determine the energy and performance characteristics of food service equipment.
To learn more about the services available to you from the Food Service Technology Center, operated under contract to PG&E by Fisher-Nickel, inc., visit, or call the center at 1-800-398-3782.

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