Mobile Home Park—Bill Calculation Service

As a mobile home park owner, you can sign up for our Bill Calculation service and we will create individual gas and electric bills for your tenants if your park is being served by PG&E owned master meters. Your mobile home park facility must be served by PG&E rate schedule beginning with ET or GT, and there is a small fee.

In addition to the services we have provided mobile home park owners since 2007, this application is now compatible with your mobile phone or tablet. You will see all the same features, along with several enhancements, in a more user friendly format. Please login or register to take advantage of our new look.

Benefits to You

  • Be free from calculating gas and electric bills for your tenants
  • Receive assurance of accurate tenant calculations based on your input
  • Get applicable discounts or refunds for individual tenants calculated for you
  • Have rate changes automatically applied to calculations

Your Requirements:

  • Enroll for a 12 month period
  • Accurately read your tenants' meters
  • Provide PG&E with accurate usage information
  • Bill and collect from your tenants upon receiving the bill calculations
  • Pay $0.27 per bill calculation for each of your tenants

After enrollment, PG&E will complete tenant calculations and have them ready for delivery to an e-mail address within 2 business days. Also, we will be available to explain bill calculations to your tenants.

This is an optional fee-based service available to you on a contractual basis. The bill amounts will be calculated based on your input of meter reads, heat content of the gas delivered to your tenants, location of your mobile home park and on California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved domestic tariffs. This service will provide a secure Web site to input specific information regarding tenant’s electric and/or gas billing data and perform the tenant-usage calculations for you.

If you have any questions, please call us at (916) 375-5094 or send an
e-mail to