Interconnection Application for Non-Export or Certain Net Energy Metered Generating Facilities

Welcome to the Rule 21 Non-Export Online Application Web Portal for electric generators. This option to submit your application electronically is an intermediate solution as PG&E's Electric Generation Interconnection (EGI) Department works to transition to a 100% web-based application.

On the next page you will find the Rule 21 Non-Export Application (Form 79-974).

Submitting your Application through the online form requires you do so in one session.

There are five steps to completing the online form. An application checklist is available for guidance.

The first three steps of the Interconnection Request entails entering information regarding your Application Type and Contacts; Facility Information; and Generator Information into a web-based form. This part of the application takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

The fourth step of the Interconnection Request entails uploading documents needed to complete your application for the following: a Single Line Diagram; Site Plans and Diagrams; Transformer Nameplate Information; Transfer Switch; and Protective Relays. If your documents are already prepared, this should take you 5 minutes.

The final step certifies that the application was prepared by the individual completing the online form, and that all of the content entered is true and correct.

PG&E strongly recommends preparing all information and materials before starting the online application. If the Interconnection Request is missing information or documents required to begin the generator interconnection process, PG&E will accept the application, but will deem it incomplete. PG&E will provide a written list of deficiencies to the designated representative provided in your request. Failure to submit subsequent information pursuant to Rule 21 will result in the withdrawal of the Interconnection Request.

Questions concerning PG&E's Online Application process can be directed to the Electric Generation Interconnection Department at

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