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PG&E leads the utility industry with the greatest number of cell site collocations on its facilities.

Wireless Cell Site Collocation

PG&E is an industry leader in providing cell site collocation opportunities and related services for wireless carriers. We have over 70,000 steel towers, 200,000 wood poles, hundreds of buildings, and 4,500 pieces of property that are potential candidates for wireless collocations across Northern and Central California. As of August, 2011, PG&E has over 1100 tower and land locations where cell sites are currently installed. These sites are already equipped with distribution power and telephone service and provide for expedited installations for subsequent cell sites.

Our experienced project managers will work with you to find the exact structure or property that meets your cell site coverage needs, and will assist you with site acquisition, design, and engineering and construction services. Our Master License Agreement offers competitive rental rates and convenient terms. Additionally, wireless carriers sometimes benefit from a streamlined zoning approval process when locating on PG&E structures as many zoning jurisdictions prefer that cell sites be located on existing structures.

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Wireless Consulting

With ten years of experience and 1100+ collocation sites installed on its structures and properties, PG&E’s wireless Project Management Team knows the ins and outs of the wireless industry and how to build a successful wireless collocation program. Additionally, PG&E has established the trust and confidence of many wireless professionals and consistently receives high customer satisfaction rates. If you have a portfolio of assets that are suitable for wireless collocations and are interested in being a wireless infrastructure provider, let PG&E work with you on developing a successful and lucrative collocation program.
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