About Light Pollution

Much has been written or presented on the topic of light pollution. PG&E believes outdoor lighting regulations should promote lighting design practices that are consistent with energy conservation, safety needs, and the preservation of the natural night environment.

PG&E offers a full range of decorative, commercial and safety lighting products designed to meet multiple design goals. This includes preservation of the night environment, performance, aesthetics, safety, and energy efficiency. If minimizing artificial sky glow is a primary goal, we have product selections that can help you achieve it.

These are the designations we use for our lighting options:

No light directed at or above the horizontal plane; little or no light at angles typically associated with glare. Negligible light directed at horizontal plane less than 2.5% of lamp lumens directed above horizontal plane.
Slightly more light permitted at horizontal plane than in cutoff distribution less than 5% of lamp lumens directed above horizontal plane. Considerable light above the horizontal plane.