Portable Gas Solutions


Pacific Gas and Electric Company is California’s largest natural gas and electric utility, with an expansive portfolio of portable natural gas equipment for our Peak Shaving Program. Since 1998, we have been using our portable natural gas equipment to provide temporary support during winter peak load. A number of applications have since been explored and developed to benefit PG&E and its customers, such as providing a portable natural gas service for planned or emergency outages. Our technical expertise and versatility of our equipment allows us to offer both Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas services!

Portable Gas System In Action

Watch a recent news story featuring PG&E's portable LNG system at work in Eureka, CA.

Why PG&E?

PG&E’s Peak Shaving Program Team knows the ins and outs of gas transmission and operations and trained to use the equipment in numerous applications. Additionally, PG&E has established the trust and confidence of many pipeline operators and large non-core customers. If you have a planned outage, or even an emergency, let PG&E provide you with a portable natural gas service to inject CNG or LNG and avoid leaving your customers out of gas.

Program Benefits
  • Quick response to support unexpected loss of flowing supply
  • Ability to schedule maintenance without affecting their customers
  • Cost-efficient alternative to pipeline capacity additions
  • Cost savings as a result of eliminating the need to relight homes ($75-85 per home)
  • Shorter durations of supply interruptions
  • Planned Outages
  • Emergency Response
  • Planned Backup Supply
  • Distribution Pipeline Uprate
  • Large Customer Support