Electric Testing and Analysis

Man testing
PG&E has a high current test facility that can perform various equipment tests up to 80,000 amps at 480 volts. PG&E also has a high voltage test facility that can perform various equipment tests up to 700 kV in an environmentally controlled condition. These capabilities make it the only electrical test facility of its kind west of the Mississippi.

PG&E's testing services include performance, dielectric, and research and development testing, failure analysis, and incident recreation.

PG&E has performed work in the past for other electric utilities as well as for Fortune 500 companies who own their own electric distribution and/or electric transmission system.

Our test facilities have been featured on the Discovery Channel program "Myth Busters".

Types of equipment PG&E has tested in the past include:
  • Aerial lift trucks
  • Electrical insulating components
  • Power cables and cable system accessories
  • Grounding equipment and accessories
  • Switch equipment
  • Transmission line and substation hardware
  • Superconductive substation equipment

  • Confirm equipment specifications before performing system-wide installations and/or introducing new product into the marketplace.
  • Ensure equipment is safe and personnel are protected while working with equipment.
  • Receive accurate and reliable test results from an electric utility industry expert.
  • Testing facility conveniently located in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Competitive testing fees.