Monitor and Maintain Your System

Take advantage of the tips and tools PG&E provides to monitor and maintain your the renewable energy generating system.

Monitor Your Energy with 'My Account'

My Account includes an intelligent online dashboard that lets you review and manage your net energy usage—the difference between the energy your business uses and the energy your renewable system produces. It is the first place you should go to see how much energy you have saved. You also can also find additional steps for improving your system’s performance.

Here are some of the benefits of using My Account

  • View your Net Energy Metering (NEM) statement, and pay your PG&E bill online.
  • Monitor net energy usage and costs.
  • See graphs of your electricity or gas usage.
  • Discover the PG&E Business Energy Checkup for additional ways to save.

Note: Business customers with monthly usage of 200 kilowatts (KW) or greater, as well as those participating in Demand Response programs, should use InterAct to monitor energy usage.

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Maintain Your System for Better Performance

Do you know that dirty solar panels significantly reduce the amount of energy your panels can generate?

Dirt on solar panels can come from dust and soot from nearby roads,bird waste and especially from rainy or dry weather conditions. In fact, “soiling” is the single most important performance factor under your direct control. PG&E suggests having your solar panels inspected every one to two years, or whenever you notice a significant drop in performance during clear weather.

Important: System maintenance and inspections should only be performed by a licensed professional solar contractor.

Note: Customers with non-solar technologies should refer to the manufacturer's specific instructions for maintenance.

What panel inspectors look for Want to monitor your system more closely?

What panel inspectors look for:

Want to monitor your system more closely?

  • Are there twigs or leaves on or under the panels?
  • Are any of the screws or wires loose?
  • Are any of the individual panels cracked or stained?
  • Are the panels shaded by new tree growth or other obstructions?

If your system is owned by a leasing company or a power purchase provider, maintenance may be provided in your contract. Be sure to read your contract for specific terms and conditions.

A professionally installed monitoring system can keep an even closer eye on your solar panels. When performance drops, you will know which solar panel is not functioning and needs repair. Most monitoring devices require a monthly subscription fee.

The State of California maintains a useful database of authorized Performance Monitoring Providers.


Solar Education and Workshops

  • Join us at one of our upcoming solar classes or webinars.

    PG&E offers classes and workshops at no cost (unless otherwise noted) to our customers and building professionals with projects in California. Find additional information on the solar classes offered.

Use the Solar Calculator

  • Get a quick estimate of the cost and size of the system you will need to power your business.
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