Solar water heating. A hybrid solution that combines solar and conventional water heating to save energy and money.

Benefits of Solar Water Heating

  • Harness the sun to generate hot water and reduce your monthly water heating costs by 50-80 percent.
  • Save money on the installation in two ways—get a rebate of up to $800,000 and receive a 30-percent federal tax credit.*
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and showcase your environmental leadership.
  • Invest in a low-maintenance, reliable technology lasting up to 25 years.
*Final rebate amount will be determined by your contractor. The 30-percent federal tax credit will be reduced to 10-percent after 2016.

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How Solar Water Heating Works 

A solar water heating system works side by side with your business’s conventional water heater or boiler by preheating the water before it enters your existing tank. The sun does most of the work, so your conventional water heater uses less energy and costs less to operate.

1. Solar Collectors A pump circulates a liquid to the solar collectors on the roof to absorb the sun’s thermal heat. 2. Solar Storage Tank The heated liquid is pumped into coils that warm the water in the solar storage tank. 3. Conventional Water Heater or Boiler Hot water flows into your existing boiler or water heater, which provides backup heating as needed. 4. Hot Water for All Your Needs Use it for typical domestic uses, to heat swimming pools and spas, to provide space heating or cooling and even in industrial processes that use heat.

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