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HVAC contractor

The Problem with Bargain HVAC Repairs

It’s always tempting to save a few dollars, especially for something that seems like it can be performed uniformly no matter who does the job.
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energy efficiency financing

8 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Starting Your Energy Efficiency Project

Consider asking your contractor the following eight questions to help initiate a dialogue.
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lighting designer

Should You Hire a Lighting Designer?

Lighting technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and every day we're learning more about the ways lighting impacts how products are viewed and received in retail environments.
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energy efficiency

Small Buildings Represent a Big Opportunity for Energy Savings

A variety of energy efficient upgrades, solutions and practices have the ability to reduce operating costs and benefit a business.
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LED lighting projects

Is Your Office Lighting Draining Your Employees' Energy?

It wasn’t until the 1940s that artificial lighting became commonplace in work environments.
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HVAC projects

10 Ways to Save on Your HVAC

Many business owners might not realize that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) account for an alarming 39% of their building's energy consumption, on average.
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