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Financing Programmable Thermostat

Has Your Business Switched to a Programmable Thermostat Yet?

Simply turning down your thermostat by 7º-10º for an 8-hour period can save your business as much as 10% a year in energy costs.
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Green Trends

California is Leading the Greening Trend

Improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases is not merely ecological, it's vital to the future of the state's economy.
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Financing Energy Billing

Questions Businesses Have About Energy Billing and Energy Efficiency

Being able to project costs and expenses in both the short and long term is essential to the success of any business.
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Financing Vampire Load

Where Are the Vampires Hiding in Your Business?

Whether it's keeping with technology trends or purchasing habits, business owners are constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of competitors.
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Commercial Sustainable Products

10 Sustainable Commercial Products for California Businesses

Upgrading to sustainable commercial products in HVAC and lighting can reduce a business's energy usage and utility bills, and impact the environment.
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Financing Bargains

Energy Efficiency Bargains for California Businesses

There are a number of initiatives that can reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality and increase employee comfort and productivity.
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Energy Management Myths

How California Businesses Break the Barriers to Energy Efficiency

Some businesses need compelling arguments to tip the scales in favor of energy management. That's where the "myth breakers" come in.
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