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Green certified business

5 Updates That Can Help You Become a Green-Certified Business

There are plenty of good reasons to make your California business more energy efficient.
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4 Incentive Program Ideas to Get Employees to Save Energy

4 Incentive Program Ideas to Get Employees to Save Energy

Your employees use a lot of energy during the course of a regular business day, most likely without even realizing it.
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Business Energy Checkup

Is an Online Energy Audit Worth My Time?

Questions include what type of business you run, how many days you operate and if you use gas or electricity for heating.
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Water Conservation

Top 9 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Conserve Water

California's recent drought has made water usage a focus of businesses, and it promises to be an ongoing issue for the foreseeable future.
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Energy management

How to Become an Energy Efficiency Ninja

The legend of the ninjas has only grown more compelling with time.
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