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Health and LED lighting

The Potential Health Dangers of Poor Lighting Design (Part 1)

New research suggests poor lighting selection and design may be negatively impacting employee health, and thereby productivity.
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LED lighting

The Era of Non-LED Lighting Is Approaching an End

LEDs have evolved so much that options like traditional incandescent bulbs are no longer even manufactured in the United States.
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Learn to Spot Scams Before They Fool You

Learn to Spot Scams Before They Fool You

Criminals seeking to cheat business owners are continually working on new schemes to separate entrepreneurs from their money.
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Lighting Ideas that Can Help Boost Sales

Lighting Ideas that Can Help Boost Sales

Lighting plays a significant role in influencing customer mood and focus within a store.
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energy efficiency financing

Going to Extremes to Fund an Energy Upgrade? There Are Easier Options

Rebates, incentives and On-Bill Financing loans provide low-cost or no-cost options for businesses.
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Restaurant energy efficiency initiatives

Biz Quiz: How Much Can a Restaurant Save with an Energy Audit?

The first step on the path to restaurant energy efficiency is to perform an energy audit.
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