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No Cost? No Kidding. Free Energy Saving Tips for California Businesses

Everyone wants to control expenses, but many businesses are leaving money on the table by not practicing basic energy management steps.
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Time-of-Use Rates

Understanding and Managing Business Energy Rates

One crucial variable in understanding business energy consumption is the timing of when that energy is used.
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Retail: Energy Efficiency

How Financing Can Help California Retailers Become Energy Efficient

A typical retail store can increase its net profit margin by 1.26% when it decreases energy costs by up to 10%.
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Time-of-Use Rates

Understanding How Time-of-Use Rates Can Work for Businesses

PG&E is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses learn ways they can use time-of-use rate plans to their advantage.
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Office: Major Savings

Major Savings in 5 minutes: That's the Office Energy Makeover

There is a quick and simple makeover that can leave you rather amazed at the results. It's called an Office Energy Makeover.
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Energy Management: Achieve Savings

How Businesses Can Achieve Savings from Energy Efficiency Projects

California business owners may think they know where the bulk of their energy is being consumed, but they could be mistaken.
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Financing Programmable Thermostat

Has Your Business Switched to a Programmable Thermostat Yet?

Simply turning down your thermostat by 7º-10º for an 8-hour period can save your business as much as 10% a year in energy costs.
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