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Occupancy Sensors

What California Businesses Need to Know About Occupancy Sensors

One energy efficiency project that can provide significant dividends in every industry is the installation of occupancy sensors.
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Adaptive Refrigeration Controls

How Adaptive Refrigeration Controls Can Cut Energy Waste

Food service businesses may not be able to limit the time that refrigeration equipment is turned on, but they can reduce the amount of energy it uses.
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Light Bulb Replacement

How LEDs Can Reduce Light Bulb Replacement and Maintenance Costs

Commercial lighting is one of the areas where upkeep and maintenance require the most effort of owning or managing a business.
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Gas Station or Convenience Store Contractors

Working with a Contractor on a Gas Station or Convenience Store Project

For owners of gas stations and convenience stores, reducing utility costs presents a different set of problems than it does for other businesses.
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PC Power Management

How PC Power Management Software Can Reduce Energy Waste

There are many situations where processes running on the computer will prevent the low power settings from taking effect.
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