LED Street Light Rebates

Did you know that in some large cities street lights may account for one-third of all municipal energy costs? That is why replacing traditional street lights with LEDs represents a significant savings opportunity for cities and counties. PG&E's LED Street Light Program offers incentives for installation of LED street lights.


LED Street Light Program Benefits

Replacing traditional street lights with LED lighting can greatly reduce your energy usage and maintenance costs, while improving the light quality and output at street level. Key advantages of quality LED street lights include:
  • Improved night visibility due to general light output, uniformity and higher color temperature (more vibrant white light)
  • Significantly longer life span
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Instant-on, with no run-up or re-strike delays
  • No mercury, lead or other known disposable hazards
  • Lower environmental footprint
  • Opportunity to implement programmable controls (e.g. bi-level lighting)

How This Program Works

This program provides customers with two incentives—a rate change and LED replacement fixture savings—to offset the cost of replacing traditional street lights with PG&E-approved LED fixtures. Customers wishing to install induction street lighting may be eligible for both the lower rate change as well as a calculated incentive. Learn more at our Customized Retrofit Information.

Customers who own and maintain street lights in the PG&E service area and are on the LS-2 fixed pricing schedule qualify for this rebate program.
Customers who have installed or replaced existing street light fixtures with PG&E-approved LED fixtures after May 1, 2009, will be eligible to switch to a lower billing rate under the LS-2 rate schedule.
Customers who have purchased and installed PG&E-approved LED fixtures after May 1, 2009, may be eligible for rebates. Read below to learn more about which fixtures may qualify. NOTE: Customers who install non-PG&E-approved LED fixtures will NOT be eligible for this incentive, but still will be able to switch to the lower LS-2 rate schedule.
Replace 70-watt fixture with new LED fixture $50
Replace 100-watt fixture with new LED fixture $75
Replace 150-watt fixture with new LED fixture $100
Replace 200-watt fixture with new LED fixture $125
Replace 250-watt fixture with new LED fixture $150
Replace 310-watt fixture with new LED fixture $175
Replace 400-watt fixture with new LED fixture $200
Please email led@pge.com to request a street light rebate and rate change application.
LED technology is beginning to surpass the quality and efficiency of existing lighting technologies—but not all LED lighting is created equal. To qualify for the PG&E LED Street Light Program rebate, LED products must meet stringent performance specifications such as those validated by independent, third parties to help ensure they will deliver as promised.

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) maintains a listing of all non-ENERGY STAR® LED products that meet our program performance standards. In addition to these specifications, PG&E requires that LED street light products also meet the following service requirements:
  • Photo Controls: Fixtures must be socket ready for electronic-type photo controls meeting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard C136.10, with a turn-on value of 1.0 foot-candles and a turn-off value of 1.5 foot-candles. Electro-mechanical or thermal-type photo controls are not acceptable.
  • Manufacturer Labeling: Wattage stickers identifying the fixture technology (LED) and total fixture wattage that follows ANSI Standard C136.15, already used by nearly all manufacturers and customers for identification of light types currently included in the standard.
If you wish to submit your LED street light products for inclusion in PG&E’s LED Street Light Program, please review the information on the DLC’s Manufacturer’s Application Overview and then follow the requirements as outlined on the DLC’s Manufacturer Application Process.

Additional Programs

PG&E offers a LED Street Light Turnkey Replacement Service, which provides a complete, one-stop solution for customers who want to improve their energy efficiency, while minimizing cost and labor resource impacts.
  • Next Century Of Energy
  • PG&E's SmartMeter Program
  • Federal government agencies incentives