Why HVAC is important to you

You may not own the HVAC, but it's still your business. After all, every tenant knows that unreliable or inefficient heat and air conditioning is a big problem. From higher energy costs to lower employee productivity to customer satisfaction, thermal and air quality problems affect your entire business. Fact: people simply won’t shop, dine, or do business where they’re not comfortable.

Fortunately, PG&E can help tenants who control the HVAC as well as those who don't. Our goal is to help you spend less time worrying about interior climate control and more time doing what you do best - running your business.

PG&E's Quality Maintenance Program

Quality Maintenance is a statewide effort designed to increase energy efficiency by bringing HVAC upkeep into alignment with national standards.
Talking to your landlord about HVAC is an important part of handling interior climate control issues. Start by mentioning that maintaining the HVAC system can reduce upkeep costs by up to 40%. Then point out that PG&E offers up to $3,836 in incentives per HVAC unit to building owners and managers who implement a comprehensive 3-year Quality Maintenance Program that will optimize these systems.

Next Step: Talk to your contractor, or find a qualified PG&E Quality Maintenance contractor.

Tenants with direct responsibility for their HVAC package units, are eligible for Quality Maintenance incentives of up to $3,386/unit from PG&E.

Next step: Talk to your contractor, or find a qualified PG&E Quality Maintenance contractor.

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