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Local Government

Local governments are a key partner in reducing energy consumption and meeting the state’s greenhouse gas reduction targets. PG&E has a comprehensive suite of programs designed to green local government operations, create and implement effective policy, and educate and mobilize communities to save energy.

Local Government Operations: Save Energy, Save Money

When you make operations more efficient and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of city buildings, you save money and set an example for businesses and citizens. PG&E will work with your facilities managers to improve efficiency. We can advise you on simple improvements that are low cost or no cost to the local government.

Get started:

  • Read these tips on no-cost or low-cost ways to reduce energy, especially during high demand period.
  • Sign up for an onsite energy assessment, or download a do-it-yourself checklist.
  • Benchmark your building energy performance, which will enable you to track and assess the energy consumption of your buildings using the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. PG&E's ABS provides ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager with historical energy usage data and updates it monthly so you don’t have to enter meter data manually for each month. Learn more about benchmarking.
  • Find out if there is a government partnership in your area that will assist you with your energy-efficiency needs. Partnerships are collaborations between PG&E and a local government, regional government, or non-profit focused on tailored energy efficiency solutions for your community.


Climate Planning Assistance

PG&E provides comprehensive climate planning assistance from assistance with greenhouse gas inventories to training and guidance on climate action plans.

We'll provide your city or county with its energy usage data in a simplified electronic format to help you complete greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, set GHG-reduction targets and develop climate action plans. Visit the Green Communities Data Portal to see what kind of data we provide and find out how to request the data you need.
In addition to data, PG&E publishes a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission coefficient each year to highlight the amount of GHG caused by each kWh of electricity delivered to our customers. This coefficient can be used by local governments to create a municipal or community-wide greenhouse gas inventory and corresponding climate action plan.
PG&E also works with local governments that are aggressively developing and implementing energy management plans to reduce their community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A PG&E Community Energy Manager and the local government partner will jointly develop a comprehensive energy management strategy that the local government can implement across its institutional, residential, business and industrial sectors.

In addition to the resources offered above, the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) provides tools and resources to local governments throughout California. The SEEC program provides webinars, peer-to-peer networking, online climate planning tools, and an award program to recognize local agencies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.

Community Awareness and Action

PG&E is proud to support local governments in their efforts to encourage the proper handling of burnt-out fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps are a great energy-efficient option when choosing lighting, but they do require proper disposal. Burnt-out bulbs can’t be thrown in either the trash or recycling bin.

We have partnered with StopWaste.Org to develop marketing materials for use by all local governments to run a successful fluorescent lamp recycling program. These marketing templates relay a consistent and catchy brand for the responsible disposal of spent bulbs. The materials are customizable per jurisdiction and downloadable from this site. Start with the User’s Guide to answer basic questions and to get started on an outreach campaign today!

Communities that are leaders in energy and GHG reduction were able to stretch their creative approaches even further with PG&E's Innovator Pilots program, which was available on a competitive basis to local, regional or sub-regional governments in 2010 and 2011. The Innovator Pilots are currently in their final stages, at which point their lessons learned and results will be shared with other communities.

Learn more about Innovator Pilots (PDF).


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