Money Back Solutions: Ag & Food Processing

Efficiently managing your energy means saving money.

Agriculture and food processing can be incredibly energy-intensive. But with our money-back incentives it pays to become strategic about your energy use.

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Case Studies

Find out how other businesses involved in agriculture and food processing have made changes that maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their expenses.

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Energy Saving Tips

If you're an agriculture business pumping and irrigation should be the main focus for improving your energy efficiency. Food processing businesses can see significant savings by making refrigeration, automation and lighting improvements.

  • Get a rate analysis done every year. You may be able to save money by selecting an alternate electric rate schedule.
  • Have pumps tested every two years.
  • Review your lighting and HVAC resources, upgrade to more energy efficient equipment and automate controls.

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Agricultural Rate Options

Agricultural customers may be able to save money by choosing an alternate electric rate schedule.

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Analyze Your Energy Use

Assessing your usage can help you find ways to save energy and money, and qualify for incentives.

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