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Rebates and Incentives for your Business

It's easy to get cash back for your business. PG&E offers money-saving rebates and incentives for all types of industries.

Rebates are money that you can receive for energy-saving products that you’ve already purchased. If you’ve recently bought a certain type of appliance or equipment, you could be eligible for a rebate.

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Incentives* are payments that businesses can receive for using energy-efficient products in new projects. When you're approved for an incentive, PG&E will work with you to create a customized energy-efficiency plan that includes design advice, onsite energy audits, training workshops and more.

Here's how it works:

  • Contact us to see if you're eligible

    Contact us to see if you're eligible:

    • Talk with your PG&E account manager
    • Call the Business Customer Service Center at 1-877-341-4743
  • Schedule a site visit with PG&E
    Schedule a site visit with PG&E.
  • Develop your project
    Develop your project with PG&E's wide range of resources and services.
* To be eligible for an incentive, businesses must submit a complete application form and receive PG&E approval before making any purchases.

Money-Back Solutions

Work with PG&E to track and measure your energy-efficiency goals. Then, implement these best practices throughout your business. We can also help you gauge your company’s ongoing energy performance.

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Get financial incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment or systems in buildings that aren’t subject to California's Title 24 building code. (For buildings that are subject to Title 24, please see the Savings by Design section.)

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Get customized incentives for retrofit projects involving high-efficiency equipment or system installations.

*Formerly know as 'Nonresidential Retrofit' and 'Statewide Customized Offering for Business'

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Incentives for business owners who reduce energy use during peak demand times. Find out how your business can benefit and help make a difference in the state's energy well-being.

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LED products can help your business cut its energy costs—but purchasing the wrong ones can be costly. Work with PG&E to choose quality LED products that are the most appropriate for your business.

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Retrocommissioning is a process that helps businesses identify less-than-optimal performance in their existing equipment and control systems. You can then make the necessary repairs or enhancements to save both energy and money. (Retrocommissioning is different than retrofitting, which involves replacing outdated equipment.)

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Get generous incentives and "bonus kickers" when you create environmentally friendly, energy-efficient communities for potential new home buyers. PG&E, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric® are working together to help the building industry design and develop more environmentally friendly communities.

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Savings By Design is a statewide program that encourages high-performance new building design and construction for commercial buildings. The program offers building owners and design teams a wide range of services, including Design Assistance, Design Team Incentives and Owner Incentives.

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Get money back when you install new and approved wind- or fuel-cell self-generation equipment. Sponsored by PG&E’s California Solar Initiative.

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Over 30,000 PG&E customers have already installed photovoltaic systems, more than any other utility in the U.S. Together with our customers, we’re taking great interest in "going solar." Learn how this natural renewable resource can benefit your business.

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This program supports the zero-net energy goals of California’s long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, for all new commercial construction by Zero Net Energy by 2030.

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More Ways For Your Business to Save

Take the first steps toward a comprehensive energy management plan for your business. PG&E can help you choose and develop a plan that makes the most of your building’s energy output.

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