Balanced Payment Plan: On a budget? Stay on track year-round.

Your Monthly Energy Bill Is More Predictable

If you'd like your energy bill to be consistent from month to month, or need help budgeting energy costs, try the Balanced Payment Plan. It levels out your monthly payments so if your energy usage changes significantly from season to season, you don't see big spikes on your bills.

The Balanced Payment Plan monthly payment amount stays consistent throughout the year.

How the Balanced Payment Plan Works

  • The Balanced Payment Plan is available to qualified small business customers on an A1, A6 or GNR1 rate schedule.
  • We average your annual energy costs over the last 12 months to determine a monthly payment amount.
  • We adjust your monthly amount once every four months if your actual energy usage has significantly changed over a 12-month period.
  • Once you are enrolled, the Balanced Payment Plan takes effect on your next billing cycle.
  • The program is optional with no fee to enroll. You can request to begin or end participation at any time.

It's Easy to Enroll

There are several no-hassle ways to sign up for the Balanced Payment Plan.
  • Sign up via My Energy, your online PG&E account. Then go to Help Me Pay and select Balanced Payment Plan.
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  • Don't have a My Energy account? Go directly to the enrollment form.
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  • Call us at 1-800-468-4743.
  • Stop by any of our local offices and speak with a customer service representative.

Need More Information?
View a brochure about the Balanced Payment Plan.
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You Said It

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    "It's great for budgeting. We have been using the Balanced Payment Plan billing option for 10 years now and enjoy the consistency."

    —Carol, Clayton, CA