My Energy: In just 2 minutes, everything you need is right at your fingertips

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Here's some of the customized information found inside My Energy:
  • Pay Bills and Manage Your Account
    Pay Bills and Manage Your Account
    View your account balance and activity at a glance. You can also download your bill, check the details, and pay it securely 24/7.
  • Compare Your Rate Options
    Compare Your Rate Options
    See the different rate plans that are available to your business. My Energy shows how much you can save and the lowest cost option for you.
  • Track Your Energy Use
    Track Your Energy Use
    Compare your energy costs to similar-sized businesses. Track your usage and costs over time and see how the weather affects usage.
Information Inside My Energy
My Energy lets you access highly customized information that will empower your business energy decisions:

  • Sign up for outage alerts
  • View your bill details
  • Check payment activity
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Compare rate plans and see which one works best for you
  • Create an energy savings plan
  • Get energy savings recommendations

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