Energy Performance Benchmarking

Use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to Benchmark Your Building

    Portfolio Manager, EPA’s ENERGY STAR measurement and tracking tool, allows building owners and operators to track and assess energy and water consumption of your buildings. It generates weather-normalized energy use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions metrics for all buildings, as well as a 1-100 ENERGY STAR energy performance score for many eligible building types. Custom reports also allow users to see time trending information and compare buildings within their portfolio.

Getting Started with PG&E’s Web Services

Simplify benchmarking with PG&E's Portfolio Manager Web Services. PG&E's Web Services speeds-up and simplifies data entry by automatically feeding required historical and future monthly data to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.

Information for Property Owners:
How to Benchmark Your Building Guide offers step by step instructions to complete your building's benchmark and activate PG&E's Web Services:
  1. Create your account and building profile in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.
  2. Connect your account with PG&E.
  3. Share your Property with PG&E.
  4. Ask your tenants (the customer of record for each meter shared with PG&E in Portfolio Manager) to authorize release of their meter data to the Property Owner using the Online Portfolio Manager Web Services Data Authorization Form (authorize house meters as well).
  5. After each meter has been authorized for release to the building owner, unshare/reshare the property meters to upload meter data to the Property Owners Portfolio Manager account, usually within 24 hours.

Information for Customers:
Property Owners are subject to several California benchmarking and disclosure policies requiring them to benchmark and disclose the energy use of their building. To comply with these policies, Property Owners need building tenants to release their energy data to the Property Manager for use in the benchmarking analysis.

To release data to your Property Owner, please complete the Portfolio Manager Web Services Data Authorization form. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Online Portfolio Manager Web Services Data Authorization Form: This is the easiest way to release your data to your Property Owner. All you need is your PG&E Account Number, the phone number or meter number associated with your Account Number, and the Property ID in Portfolio Manager (ask the Property Owner). Grab a copy of your monthly PG&E Energy Statement and reference the How To Release Your Data for Benchmarking guide to complete the online authorization form.
  • PDF Form: Complete the form entering the Property Owner name, property address, your meter numbers, and your Service Agreement ID’s. Your Meter Numbers and Service Agreement ID’s are located on your monthly PG&E Energy Statement. When complete, sign the form then email to

California Benchmarking and Disclosure Policies

Depending on the size and location of a building, building owners may be required to benchmark a building using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and disclose the building’s energy use. Learn more about the California benchmarking policies for non-residential buildings:


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Did You Know?

  • According to EPA’s DataTrends Series, buildings that consistently benchmark energy performance realize average energy savings of 2.4% annually.
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