Net Energy Metering True-up Statement

At the end of your billing cycle, on the 12th month, you'll "true-up" and receive two slightly different bills:

  • Your true-up NEM statement is a reconciliation of all electric usage charges and credits for the previous 12 month billing cycle. If you have any remaining credits, that amount will be reset to zero. If you have any remaining charges, that amount will becomes payable. Lastly, it will also indicate if you were eligible to receive payment called Net Surplus Compensation for any excess electricity generated.
  • Your regular monthly PG&E bill will show the final amount you owe or any credit remaining from Net Surplus Compensation (see next page).
Net Energy Metering Electric Statement
9. True-up Billed Amount

This represents the final amount owed after all energy charges, credits, previously-billed monthly minimum charges have been reconciled at the 12 month True-up. If you generated more energy than you used over the True-up period, this amount also includes your Net Surplus Compensation.

10. Net Surplus Compensation

If you generated more energy than you consumed over the entire 12 month True-up period, you would be eligible to receive payment for the excess energy sent to the grid. Compensation will be a market price of approximately $0.04 and will be factored into your True-up Billed Amount.