Net Energy Metering Monthly Bill

Customers in the NEM program are on a 12-month billing cycle called the "true-up period." As a NEM customer, you'll receive two bills each month:

  • Your Net Energy Metering (NEM) Electric Statement, which provides details about your net charges and credits (based on your electric rate schedule) as well as your meter reads (see previous page).
  • Your regular monthly PG&E bill, which will cover your minimum charges for electricity and any applicable gas charges (see below).
At the end of your 12 month billing cycle, you will receive two slightly different bills (see next page).

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NEM Energy Statement
8. Minimum Electric Charges

Minimum electric charge reflects a nominal amount that that all customers on your selected rate schedule must pay regardless of whether or not they have solar or if any electrical is used. The purpose is to pay for activities associated with your account and information such as processing the bill and reading the meter.