Larger Self-Generation Programs

Whether customers are installing larger systems greater than 30 kilowatts (kW) or want to apply energy credits produced by a single generator to several electric accounts, find all the resources needed to interconnect solar, wind, fuel cells, batteries or multiple technology-generating systems to the PG&E energy grid.

Understand the Different Programs

PG&E has put together essential resources to assist contractors who are applying for interconnection for the larger self-generation programs. These resources include key information about the qualifications, documents needed for application, interconnection requirements, costs and other considerations.

Expanded Net Energy Metering (NEMEXP) is a program for residential and commercial generators that are more than 30 kW-1 megawatt (MW).

Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) allows a single customer with multiple meters on the same property, or adjacent or contiguous properties, to use renewable generation to serve the aggregated load behind all eligible meters.

Net Energy Metering Virtual (NEMV) allows a building to interconnect a renewable generator to serve multiple tenant meters that are individually metered and receive bill credits to offset each benefiting account bill.

Net Energy Metering for Fuel Cells (NEMFC) is a program with an optional rate schedule for a customer who installs a fuel cell generator.

Net Energy Metering Multiple Tariff (NEMMT) is a program for a customer who operates a NEM-eligible generator in conjunction with a non-export or NEM fuel cell generator.

Non-Export is an interconnection program available to all types of generator technologies and sizes where energy will not be exported to the grid or where uncompensated export is acceptable.

Energy Storage, as a generator, can be interconnected under Non-Export or could potentially be paired with a NEM system, if it is applied for under the NEM Multiple Tariff (NEMMT) program.

Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer (RES-BCT) is a program for local governmental entities that want to use renewable generation to serve onsite load and allocate the remaining credits to other facilities within the same local government.

PG&E is Here to Help

For general inquiries about the interconnection process and timing, please reach out to PG&E's Solar Service Center at 1-877-743-4112. The Solar Service Center can assist with all general questions.

If you have complaints about your interconnection project and are unable to resolve it with your Interconnection Manager, you can reach out to PG&E's appointed Rule 21 Ombudsman, Brian Kirchner at (559) 347-5131 or via email at


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