Electric Rule 21

What is Electric Rule 21?

Electric Rule 21 is a tariff (or set of regulations) that describes the interconnection, operation and metering requirements for distributed generators to be connected to a utility’s electric system. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has jurisdiction over the Electric Rule 21 tariff. The Rule 21 tariff and the related CPUC-approved interconnection agreements are generally the same for each of California’s large investor-owned utilities (PG&E, San Diego Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Edison), and are available on the utilities' websites. View PG&E's version of the Rule 21 tariff.

Rule 21 applies to generators who:

  • Generate power for their own use only and do not export power to the electric grid (non-export).
  • Generate power for their own use and for export to the electric grid for credit on their PG&E bills.
  • Operate as qualifying facilities (QFs), as defined by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC's) Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA), that sell (or export) all of their energy to the grid to PG&E through a PURPA Power Purchase Agreement.
For information regarding the above programs, view Self Generation Options under Rule 21 .

Rule 21 also:

  • Establishes a “single-point-of-contact” at each utility for interconnection applicants.  PG&E has assigned an Electric Generation Interconnection project manager in the Transmission and Distribution organization to fill this role.  
  • Outlines interconnection application requirements; review, study and interconnection costs; and project scopes and timelines.
  • Defines specific steps to ensure the timely completion of application reviews, interconnection studies and interconnection facility construction.

Rule 21 does not apply to:

If you can't find what you need on this site about Rule 21, you can always contact PG&E. Our EGI team members are happy to help. You'll find contact information on the pages specific to your type of project, or email gen@pge.com.
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