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It's Convenient and Clutter-free

Paperless billing is an easy way to receive your monthly statement and it clears the clutter of paper bills.

  • Fast
    It’s fast.
    You'll receive an email alert when your statement arrives.
  • Secure
    It's secure.
    View up to 24 months of account history in your protected online account.
  • Easy
    It's easy.
    No more hassling with paper bills.

Getting Started Is Free and Easy

  • Step 1
    Just log in to your secure online PG&E account. If you don't have an account yet, it's easy to sign up.
  • Step 2
    Select the Go Paperless link found directly under your account information.
  • Step 3
    Choose Edit Profile & Alerts under Profile & Alerts. Then read and accept the Paperless Billing Terms and Conditions and select Submit.

Nearly two million PG&E customers have already gone paperless and that number is growing.

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Caring for the Environment

  • Environment

    As good stewards, we work with groups and organizations throughout the state to care for the lands and waters that our vast network of pipes and wires traverse.
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