Drought Resources: Find tips, tools and information to help you conserve water, energy and money.

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California is facing one of the most severe droughts in modern history. Get tips and advice on how to save water, energy and money, plus find out what PG&E is doing to ease the drought's impact on customers, communities and its own operations. We can't make the drought disappear, but if we work together, we can make a difference.

  • Residential
    Residential Customers
    Find out about rebates, financial assistance and water-saving tips and tools.
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  • Business
    Agriculture and Business Customers
    Take advantage of rebates, financing options and special programs.
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  • Tree icon
    Your Trees and the Drought
    Due to four years of drought, more trees are dying and creating safety hazards. Find out what you can do to prevent injuries and property damage.
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  • PG&E Efforts
    PG&E's Efforts
    See how we're conserving and improving our utilization of water resources.
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  • In Your Community
    In Your Community
    Find out how we've teamed up with neighbors and community groups to make a difference throughout the region.
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Severity of the Drought

  • CA Drought Map

    Almost 50 percent of the state falls into the most intense category of the drought, which is D4, or "Exceptional."
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