Better Together Giving Program

Our Giving Program reflects our commitment to building a better future together. With a focus on education, economic vitality, the environment and emergency preparedness, we are committed to putting our resources where our values are. Working closely with local community organizations through program development, charitable contributions and hands-on volunteerism, PG&E is helping to create a strong, resilient and sustainable California.

Education and Training

To create opportunities for students throughout our California service area, especially those interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, we provide scholarships for higher education and grants to help students learn about energy and the environment in new and exciting ways.

STEM Scholarship | Energy Academy | Inspiring Through Robotics

Economic and Community Vitality

PG&E's economic and community vitality programs help keep neighborhoods and local businesses thriving through grants and hands-on partnerships with local organizations. We also offer energy assistance to families who are most in need.

Summer Jobs | REACH

Environmental Stewardship

To preserve California’s natural resources, fish and wildlife habitats, parks and recreation areas, our environmental programs promote renewable energy, environmental education and conservation.

Solar Habitat | Nature Restoration Grants

Emergency Preparedness

PG&E partners with the American Red Cross to provide safety training and direct resources to underserved communities.

Home Fire Preparedness Campaign


Our Giving Program

  • “For PG&E, giving back to our communities is really about caring for our customers and for the future of California. We apply the expertise we've gained over our 100 year history of serving Californians to provide support and opportunity for our neighbors who need it most."

    Rob Black
    Senior Director for Community Relations and Executive Director of the PG&E Corporation Foundation

Giving Locally

  • PG&E's customers are the core of our business focus. Beyond providing safe and reliable service, we invest in the futures our communities.
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