Bright Ideas Grants

New Approaches to Teaching about Energy and the Environment

We believe future breakthroughs in environmental preservation will come from California’s ambitious and forward-thinking students. To inspire the bright ideas of the future and create exciting ways for the next generation to learn and succeed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), PG&E’s Bright Ideas grants help to fund innovative classroom projects about energy and the environment.

Program Overview

The PG&E Bright Ideas grant program provides funding each year to schools throughout our service area to develop projects and curriculum that educate students about renewable energy, conservation and environmental stewardship. Past projects have included installing solar panels, designing and implementing energy-saving ideas in classrooms, hosting solar car derbies, and other solar-powered inventions.

Helping Schools Become Our Environmental Leaders of the Future

Since 2005, PG&E has awarded nearly $2 million in Bright Ideas grants. In the 2013-2014 school year, more than 30 schools across California received grants for a total of $255,000.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:
$10,000.00 Albany Albany High School
$10,000.00 Bakersfield Independence High School
$10,000.00 Bakersfield Kern County Superintendent of Schools
$10,000.00 Berkeley Jefferson Elementary
$10,000.00 Fresno University High School
$10,000.00 La Honda San Mateo Outdoor Education
$10,000.00 Lake Isabella Woodrow Wallace Middle School
$10,000.00 Livermore Andrew Christensen Middle School
$10,000.00 Mather Gerber Jr./Sr. High School
$10,000.00 Menlo Park Willow Oaks Elementary
$10,000.00 Napa Vintage High School
$10,000.00 Novato San Marin High School
$10,000.00 Oakland Emerson Elementary
$10,000.00 Oakland Horace Mann Elementary School
$10,000.00 Pleasanton Valley View Elementary
$10,000.00 San Jose Holly Oak
$6,500.00 Petaluma La Tercera
$5,000.00 Bakersfield Millie Munsey Elementary
$5,000.00 Bakersfield Ridgeview High School
$5,000.00 Berkeley Washington Elementary, Berkeley Unified School District, California
$5,000.00 Catheys Valley Sierra Foothill Charter School
$5,000.00 Fresno Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACEL)
$5,000.00 Grover Beach Grover Beach Elementary School
$5,000.00 Napa Vintage High School
$5,000.00 Riverdale Burrel Elementary School
$5,000.00 San Andreas Calaveras River Academy
$5,000.00 San Francisco Monroe Elementary School
$5,000.00 San Francisco San Francisco Community School
$5,000.00 Santa Maria Benjamin Foxen Elementary School
$5,000.00 Santa Rosa Mattie Washburn Elementary
$5,000.00 Templeton Templeton High School
$5,000.00 Templeton Templeton High School
$5,000.00 Templeton Templeton High School
$2,500.00 Bakersfield Independence High School
$2,500.00 Lucerne Lucerne Elementary
$2,500.00 Sebastopol Brook Haven K-8 and Park Side Elementary
$1,000.00 Pleasant Hill Gregory Gardens Elementary

How to Apply

  • Solar Projects: Successful submissions will include innovative classroom and extracurricular programs/projects that explore the science of solar energy and the generation of electricity from solar.
  • Youth Energy and Environmental Programs: Successful submissions will include energy efficiency, recycling, composting, water reclamation and/or gardening programs and clubs that serve as learning and leadership opportunities for students, the faculty and the community at large.
  • Renewable Energy or Science-Related Field Trips: Successful submissions will include transportation, admission or expenses associated with field trips that excite students about science, energy, careers in energy and the environment.
  • Green Your School Projects: Successful submissions will include energy efficiency upgrades, energy monitoring systems and communication tools that promote energy education and smart energy use at the school and in the community.
  • Professional Development/Service Learning Projects/ Workforce Development Programs: Successful submissions will include projects that expand the teacher's knowledge about renewable energy, energy resources and/or the future of the energy industry.

Grant Application

Register and submit a grant application online >>

Applications for the 2014 program are due by November 1, 2014.

The Power of Bright Ideas

  • "The PG&E Bright Ideas grants program has provided my students with equipment to enable them to learn in a fun and exciting way. Bright Ideas has helped stretch a rather lean classroom budget, to provide activities to meet state math and science standards while also improving my teaching methods."

    Mary Funk
    Burrel Elementary School

Bright Ideas Across California

  • VIDEO: Could you live in a house this small?

    Analy High School in Sonoma received a $10,000 grant to build a fully functioning zero net energy house that relies on solar energy for its energy and to operate the heat and oven.
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