Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to complete a PowerPathway course before I can get a job at PG&E?

No. Programs developed or endorsed by PG&E's PowerPathway workforce development program help potential job seekers become more competitive for careers in the energy and utility industry. At this time, a PowerPathway course is neither a requirement for nor a guarantee of employment with the company.

Am I guaranteed a job if I successfully complete a PowerPathway program or course?

No. Completion of a PowerPathway program does not guarantee a job, an interview for employment, or an invitation to test with PG&E or any industry-related employer.

However, PG&E has certain job postings where completion of a specific PowerPathway course is identified as a desired qualification. Those applicants who meet the desired qualifications may be ranked higher among the candidates being evaluated, and, may have a better chance of proceeding successfully through the process of testing, interviewing, and hiring.

How do I apply for a job at PG&E?

Your first step should be to complete a job search profile. If you have questions about how to apply, use this guide.

Do I need to fill out a job profile each time I apply for a job with PG&E?

No. If you have already completed a profile, simply log in as a returning candidate.

How can I learn more about careers within the energy and utility industry, including required education and training?

Visit Get into Energy to learn about the rewarding careers available to you. You can also learn about this topic at How to Participate.

Are only veterans accepted for PowerPathway classes?

No. PowerPathway programs are open to all qualified applicants. While certain PowerPathway courses are funded specifically for veterans, we have many programs available and open to all qualified applicants, regardless of military status. All courses and enrollment requirements are clearly marked on the Course Schedule.

I want to take a PowerPathway class but there are no classes near me. What are my options?

You can stay informed of all new courses and programs matching your interests by indicating your interest in specific types of training and convenient geographic areas. You will be notified of all new courses and programs as they are announced.

What can I do if I applied for a PowerPathway program(s) but was not contacted for an interview?

We receive thousands of applications for every PowerPathway program, however, we are unable to accommodate every potential candidate. Every applicants' information is reviewed and only those candidates that are best qualified for the program will be contacted. If you are not selected for one program, your information will remain in our database and you will be considered for upcoming programs for which you may be qualified.

What can I do if I was contacted for an interview for a PowerPathway course but was not selected to participate?

If you were not selected for a specific PowerPathway program your information remains in our database and you will be considered for future programs for which you may be qualified.

How frequently are classes offered?

The PowerPathway course schedule changes throughout the year. Check the Course Schedule for open classes that may interest you, including information about schedules, locations, job focus and how to apply, or fill out this form and you will be notified when courses are available in your area.

Are PowerPathway classes offered in the evening?

Courses are offered during the day, in the evening, and on weekends, depending on course requirements. When possible, every attempt is made to accommodate the schedules of working adults and to provide case management assistance to program candidates.

If you've submitted an application for a PowerPathway course and meet eligibility requirements, you will be contacted for a phone interview. For all others, you will receive an email regarding your status once the application deadline has closed and all of the applications have been reviewed. Due to the volume of applications we receive, there is not a mechanism for reaching out to program applicants prior to this.

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