MBA Leadership Program

Our people have some ambitious goals.
Like being the leading utility in the United States.

PG&E is looking for the next generation of leaders to help us become the nation’s leading utility. We’re looking for individuals with unique perspectives, exceptional academic achievements and broad real world experiences. Our MBA Leadership Program is our way of finding top talent from the best business schools across the nation. Once at PG&E, we’ll put your mind to work on some of our toughest business challenges. Based in our San Francisco headquarters, program participants take part in two 12-month rotations.

Participating in this program is a great way to learn about the energy industry, demonstrate leadership skills and get exposure to senior management. You will also enjoy structured leadership development for personal and professional growth, including mentoring and community volunteer experience within our service territory.

Rotation opportunities include:

  • Gas and Electric Operations
  • Energy Procurement
  • Finance
  • Customre Care and Technology

Please Note: Our rotation opportunities change yearly based on business needs. We recruit for Fall MBA associates from September to December.

These opportunities allow you to address timely and complex business challenges, such as:

  • How to manage growing energy demand sustainably
  • How to drive business toward a low-carbon future
  • How to build a high-tech utility

Recruitment for the program will take place at the following schools from September through December:

  • Notre Dame University, Mendoza School of Business
  • The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business
  • University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management

All MBA students are welcome to apply and enter job number # 51560848. If you don't attend one of these schools, talk with your recruiter or download the program fact sheet (PDF, 171 KB). Please note that the deadline for full-time recruiting at our non-core schools is November 1, 2013. Second round interviews will take place in San Francisco on Friday, November 22, 2012.

Please apply through our website at, click on “find a job” and enter job # 51560848

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

PG&E's MBA Leadership Summer Intern Program is a ten-week program that is committed to creating a pipeline for the MBA Leadership Program. As an intern here, you’ll collaborate on challenging projects with diverse teams of PG&E people to get a first-hand view of our business.

Our internship opportunities change yearly based on business needs. We recruit for interns from December to February. Intern positions may include:

  • Operations
  • Customer Care
  • Finance

Interns gain hands-on experience in areas like:

  • Plug-in Electric Vehicles
  • Greenhouse gas reductions
  • Renewable Energy Operations
The PG&E MBA Fellowship program is a way to arm our own talent with the critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors needed to move PG&E forward.  The selection process is rigorous but employees in the program will receive 100 percent pre-paid tuition assistance for all required courses. Participating employees must stay with PG&E for a minimum of three years following the completion of their MBA and will be expected to perform at the highest levels. To find out more about the program, talk with your recruiter.

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    "By working with plug-in electric vehicles, I have been able to play a role in a dynamic, changing industry that touches nearly every part of society." Dan Bowermaster
    Manager, Clean Air Transportation

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