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Gas Customer Choice Still Available to All


This is a test. Learn more about the choices you have and how to obtain gas supplies from providers other than Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

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  • Gas Metering Options

Notice: Direct Access Electric Service Suspended

Pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission Decision D.01-09-060, the right of retail end-users (customers) to acquire direct access electric service from Energy Service Providers (ESPs) is suspended, effective September 20, 2001. The execution of any new contracts, or the entering into, or the verification of any new arrangements for direct access service pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 366 or 366.5, after September 20, 2001, is prohibited. Accordingly, Pacific Gas and Electric Company shall not accept any direct access service requests from ESPs for any contracts executed or agreements entered into after September 20, 2001.

CPUC Decision D.03-05-034 Switching Exemption

The CPUC is expected on November 13, 2003 to issue a final resolution regarding the rights and obligations of Direct Access (DA) customers and Bundled Service customers that are DA eligible to switch between Bundled and DA service.

Affiliate Transactions

Pacific Gas and Electric Company transactions with its affiliates.