Guide To Data Exchange Service (DES) Testing

Table of Contents

Download complete .pdf of DES Guide (PDF, 205 KB) (Last modified on 4/13/98)

  • Preface (PDF, 205 KB)
    Overview of PG&E's Data Exchange Service: Background DES Data Retrieval Methods Testing Requirements DES Resources
  • CHAPTER 1 (PDF, 16 KB): Systems Preparation For Electronic Data Exchange
  • CHAPTER 2 (PDF, 9 KB): DES Testing Procedures -
    Checklist of Key Steps
    DES Test Sequence Procedures (Print and read required documentation , Acquire test account , Create a directory for download files, Download files required for DES testing, Testing the submittal of a DASR/GASR )
  • Command line syntax:
    set http_user=user's id
    set http_password=user's password
    [name of test directory]/