Electric Service Provider Resource Center

Below are links to documents which Electric Service Providers (ESPs) will need to complete and submit to PG&E as a part of the Direct Access (DA) signup process. You will only need to complete and submit documents which are required for the types of services you intend to provide to DA customers. Please consult Chapter 1 of the Direct Access Guide below for information on the documentation you will need to submit to PG&E.

Direct Access Forms

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • EDI Trading Partner Agreement (PDF, 457 KB) - Agreement that ESPs interested in offering Consolidated ESP billing services will need to complete and submit.
  • EDI Setup Form (PDF, 10 KB) - Form which is required in order to set up ESPs for
    electronic data exchange with PG&E, using Electronic Data Interchange protocol.

Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA)



  • ESP Credit Application (PDF, 13 KB) - Application that ESPs must complete and
    submit prior to participating in Direct Access with PG&E.