DSGG Green Policy Contest

In 2010, PG&E launched Diverse Suppliers Go Green with 5 workshops throughout Northern California. At our hands-on workshops, business owners and entrepreneurs learned a key component to having a green business program is a Green Policy Statement.

To kick-start 2011, PG&E held a Green Policy Statement Contest for all our workshop attendees. Contestants were asked to submit their green policy statement, to enter a profile to win a free iPod shuffle and have their policy statements profiled on our website.

We thank everyone who participated and are happy to share with you the winning companies' commitment to the environment.

DSGG Green Policy Contest Winners

Business Description
AA Advertising Consulting is a State Certified micro business with a macro vision. Our mission is to help launch businesses into the international market space by offering advanced communications strategies and leading edge advertising solutions.

Green Policy Statement - AA Advertising Consulting
As an advertising company, we deal with a lot of words.
A lot of words get used, a lot are tossed out, thank goodness they're all recyclable!
It used to be that words needed paper in order to be seen and understood.
But in our digital age this paradigm is becoming less and less true.
Therefore our commitment to Going Green is committing to using either no paper, recycled paper or reusable paper only.
This means no more unnecessary printed faxes, handouts, letters, proofs, memos or any other irresponsible use of paper.
It'll be interesting to see how many weeks we can go without turning on our copier.
We hope to save a few trees this way.
In fact we hope other companies who consume a lot of paper join us to give our great-great-great grandchildren a chance to enjoy living in the City of Trees, in our beautiful Emerald Valley, just as we do today.


Business Description
General Contractor

Green Policy Statement - Highlands Diversified, Inc.
Highlands Diversified, Inc. has built homes and commercial buildings, now we plan to do our part in building a better future. We have a green vision that we have adopted and will live by, not as a project, but as a new way of doing business. We will be conscious of our processes so that we can diligently conserve energy, reduce waste and maximize ways to positively impact on the environment. We will measure our progress so that we can continuously reduce our carbon footprint. We will strive to constantly educate ourselves more on the 'green way of life' so that we can better understand how our efforts impact ourselves, our company, our community, and our future.

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