Supplier-Hosted Catalogs

A Supplier-Hosted Catalog is an online, electronic catalog that is maintained and stored on the supplier’s Web site. PG&E suppliers are required to make updates to their catalogs to reflect changes in prices, items or descriptions once they have been agreed upon by PG&E.

PG&E’s new procurement system allows its buyers to electronically access a supplier's online catalog to search for and select items and to bring the product data into PG&E’s procurement system in order to generate a purchase order to the supplier.


Supplier Benefits

  • Increased visibility for supplier products
  • Standard automatically-generated PG&E purchase orders
  • Facilitated compliance with PG&E contracts
  • Streamlined, timely updates of PG&E approved products and pricing

If your company would like to use PG&E-hosted catalog e-procurement, please contact us.