PG&E-Hosted Catalogs

A PG&E-Hosted Catalog is a supplier’s material or service catalog that is maintained and hosted by PG&E. Suppliers who do not meet the requirements for hosting their own catalog should consider this option.


  • Suppliers must register and submit initial catalog content and any subsequent updates to PG&E using its 3rd party Web-based catalog content management tool, Ketera Supplier Content Management (KSCM). This tool validates catalog content, checks the data formatting and prepares the catalog for upload into PG&E’s procurement system.
  • Material catalog suppliers must be registered with Perfect Commerce, PG&E’s 3rd party marketplace provider that enables us to send purchase orders to our material catalog suppliers.
  • Service catalog suppliers must be able to receive email purchase orders.

Supplier Benefits

  • Increased visibility for supplier products.
  • Standard automatically-generated PG&E purchase orders
  • Facilitated compliance with PG&E contracts
  • Streamlined process

If your company would like to use PG&E-hosted catalog e-procurement, contact the PG&E Purchasing Team for your category of commodity or service.